800,000 of 900,000 Votes
1,000 of 3,000 of 000,000* Ballot Boxes Reporting
Candidate Party Votes Vote %
Darrin Lamoureux Saskatchewan Liberal Party
Ryan Meili New Democratic Party (N.D.P.)
Brent Penner Saskatchewan Party
David Prokopchuk PC Party of Saskatchewan
Shawn Setyo Saskatchewan Green Party
Rejected Ballots -
The total of 51 ballot boxes reported here is comprised of 44 for regular polls, 4 for advance polls, 1 for a mobile poll, 1 for a homebound poll and 1 combined ballot box for absentee and hospital polls. To ensure the secrecy of the ballot, the small number of votes recorded in the ballot box for the Saskatoon City Hospital poll were combined with those in the absentee ballot box and are reported together as 1 ballot box.